Meet Daniele

daniele-adam-27eTHANK YOU so much for stopping by, I am more than excited that you’re here!! I plan on sharing my ideas, inspiration, knowledge & work with you throughout my blogging process… with hopes that you gain your own inspiration as you follow :)

I truly believe that there is a reason for everything in life…circumstances happen when they are supposed to & that people cross paths when it is their time. I believe in love & soul mates and would be honored to capture your {story} from engagement to wedding, and as you grow!!!

I am just a 30 something chick living in the Tri Cities, Tn area…working where ever you want to take me!!!

Lover of my hubby, our bambino & our huge pup that thinks he’s a lap dog. I believe that music, coffee & junkin’ are good for the soul. That the more weathered, the better and that life is all about the little things.

I am a country girl at heart so old dirt back-roads, rivers, fields, barns, rusty pickup trucks, flowers and anything DIY makes me happy, happy, happy. I’m a stickler for sundresses, hats, scarves, bags (beach bags, camera bags, prop bags, purses, weekenders…) stationary everything, picture frames and chairs. If I had to describe my style in just a few words it would be: {Vintage Boho Chic}

In spare time, my husband and I like to go {junkin} or as our son would say “treasure huntin!!!” I get such a thrill at finding something old & dirty and bringing it back to life…whether it be used for the same purpose or given a whole new function!!! So, as you may have guessed I have a ton of props that can be used at any given time…all you have to do is give me a theme or vision and I will try my best to make it happen

I am without a doubt, in love with love & real emotions and obsessed with documenting everything around me!!! So why wouldn’t you want to hire someone like me to capture such precious memories of you and yours?!

As a photographer, I enjoy taking time to get to know my clients so that our experience together can be more natural & fun!! I am not into super posey pictures…instead I would rather guide you into something that would work well and then play, yes I said play, games (past clients can tell you all about these!)

I’m a sucker for yummy, natural light {“Golden Hour”} and being outdoors, using all the backdrops nature has to offer…however, I do have a studio space which is mostly used for viewing consultations and newborns, but if a studio set is more up your alley we can make that happen!!

During Weddings you may see me all over the place :) I enjoy capturing all of the details and emotions of that day…especially so during the reception!!

Yes a wedding’s main focus in on the Bride & Groom, but it should also include all the family & guests. During the first dance as newlyweds, you better believe that I am getting pictures of the couple and then turning focus to their parents “whose babies are now all grown up” and don’t be surprised if you catch me crying during the father/daughter dance!!

My goal is to leave you with a fun, unforgettable experience and gorgeous pictures that will be cherished forever!!!