To My Clyde On Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary

About twelve years ago our paths crossed…I’ll never forget that strange look and goofy grin as you peeked through the food window to ask me if I knew a guy named Boyd, nor will I ever forget that story of when you first noticed me back in 2002 {who knew that one day you would meet “the girl” from that picture } Boy oh boy am I glad that you did!!!

Over the last twelve years we have experienced more than most will through out their whole lifetime…and I am so very grateful that it is you, whom has been by my side for it all. Our friendship grew for a couple of years before we decided to give it a go at being boyfriend & girlfriend, even though almost all of our friends had been telling us we should make the jump long before. Ten, wow – TEN years I have been calling you my Clyde ♡ Nine of which we made our first big move & moved in together…eight of which we have been very fortunate enough to call ourselves First Time Home Owners…seven of which, I said yes…six of which is celebrated in Wedded Bliss (5.15.10)…five of which is still hard to swallow; but I could not have asked for a more understanding partner to support me during that time!!! Our first year of marriage was a bit of a blur with me being gone a few days every week to help care for both of my parents and their responsibilities as they faced their own battles…you never once made me feel guilty about my decisions of wanting to be there for and with them, nor made me question what you were doing while I was away. Instead, you supported my need to be there and made the best of what time we had to share when I was back in town…four of which we have been lucky enough to call ourselves mama & dada!!! Three of which you have supported & pushed me to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship…and two of which we had to unexpectedly say goodbye to our first “baby” ♡ What a journey these last ten years have brought…so many ups & downs…I could not have imagined them with anyone else by my side but you!!!

Adam Mosley, you have shown me just what it’s suppose to be like to truly be in love with someone…quirks and all!! I honestly can not wait to see what is in store for the next 70 ;) because I know, no matter what we are to face, we can take it head on as long as we do it together!!!

Love U…


You’re My Best Friend – Our Song



One thought on “To My Clyde On Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary

  1. you to got what takes to make a happy marriage . i dont know u but do know that stinker ad am and i know he would only choose the best .many more happy years together they are precious memories

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