Friday Flowers

One way to make any wedding pop with color and feel more fresh & romantic is with flowers!!! And I had the privilege of photographing some real lovelies recently :)

Flowers have always had a special place in my heart…I grew up in a nursery, Obenchain’s Nursery, and use to run around the greenhouses when visiting my grandparent’s, whom also ran two successful locations in the Roanoke, Va area. Something so fun about hide and seek & tag around such eye catching beauties. One thing I did not quite acquire was my family’s green thumb. I tend to do much better with succulents and fresh clippings that I can switch out weekly…buuuut this is something that I am trying to get much better with!!! No matter what my ability is to care for such lovely creations, I still admire them greatly and anyone that can tend to them. Which brings me to the great Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers!!! A sixth generation farm located here in Blountville, Tn that is dedicated to growing these gorgeous, specialty cut flowers for all occasions. Every time I get to document a wedding that has put their faith into Aunt Willie’s I do a little happy dance inside, because I know that each arrangement will be absolutely breathtaking and perfectly unique for each couple.

I hope you find as much beauty and inspiration from these images as I have. -xoxo



One thought on “Friday Flowers

  1. So glad we share a love of locally grown flowers, Danielle. You captured our flowers perfectly. Hope our paths will continue to crisscross. Thank you for the sweet blog. Please come visit our farm!

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