The Beloved Wedding Giveaway


For you see, this story … your story … deserves to be told with great detail, attention given to the smallest moments and the greatest of celebrations!!!





When my husband and I got married (almost) 6 years ago I can remember how hectic the planning process became and the stresses of expenses that also followed suit…a wedding is not cheap, no matter how small it is intended to be. For a wedding is one of the largest events that will take place and it will only happen once…no do overs; so you want to ensure that you have the right professionals hired!!

One of the most important investments for us, was our photographer. Pictures have always been near and dear to my heart…the best way to hold on to a memory forever (sounds cliché right?! But no, seriously!!)  Our wedding (May 15, 2010) was the last time I had both of my parents together in the same place for pictures. Since then, sadly they have passed away (2011)…both were undergoing chemo treatment at the time but you would not have know by looking at those sweet pictures. I truly have a treasure to be able to look back on such a special day and know that my parents were right beside us, celebrating away :)

For these many reasons, I love to give back each year to my deserving couples!!!


From Now, Thursday March 17 2016, to the end of the month, Thursday March 31 2016

(wedding date must be available in the books to qualify)

Every Newly Booking Couple will receive 15 % OFF their Wedding Collection of choice!!


ONE Lucky Couple will WIN $500 OFF their Wedding Collection of choice, that includes an Engagement Experience!!!!


To enter, simply send an email to and include the following information before midnight on Thursday March 31,2016:

  1. Your Name + Fiancé’s Name
  2. Wedding Date
  3. Potential Venue
  4. Your Love Story (how you met|the proposal)
  5. Why you should be picked
  6. Lastly, a photo of the two of you


Once the entry period is closed, the finalists will be chosen by their love story & why they feel as though this would best benefit them. I will notify the finalist on the morning of Friday April 1, 2016 (no jokes here!) and will then post the couple’s photo on Daniele Elyse Photography’s Facebook page along with their Winning Announcement!!!

So what are you waiting for!?!


For full wedding investment details and/or for any additional questions or bookings, please contact us here!!!

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage!! I look forward to hearing all about your love story :)

Best of Luck!!!





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